EU Blue Card Program

The EU Blue Card is essentially a renewable up to 4-year visa that enables highly skilled non-EU workers to take up jobs in Bulgaria or any other EU member state and to live and work there with their families. A potential EU Blue Card holder must fulfill the following conditions in order to qualify for the program:

  • The candidate must prove that he/she has ‘higher professional qualifications’, by showing a higher education qualification (such as a university degree). 
  • The candidate must work as a paid employee – the EU Blue Card in Bulgaria does not apply to self-employed workers or entrepreneurs;
  • The candidate annual gross salary must be high, at least one and a half times the average national salary;
  • The candidate must present a work contract or binding job offer in an EU country for at least one year;
  • The candidate must have the necessary travel documents, health insurance for himself and any relatives who come to the EU with him.
  • The candidate must prove that he/she fulfill the legal requirements to practice their profession, where this profession is regulated.


Benefits of EU Blue Card Program:

Amongst many exceptional advantages gained by becoming an EU Blue Card holder, the applicant can benefit from:

  • Equal work and salary conditions to national citizens;
  • Free movement throughout EU;
  • Social rights, including education, economic, cultural, human, health rights;
  • Family reunification;
  • Permanent-residency rights.
  • All benefits except for housing, loans and grants are provided to the EU Blue Card holders.
  • EU Blue Card holders are allowed to go back to their home countries or other non-EU states for a maximum of 12 consecutive months without losing the EU Blue Card ownership.

List of some of the professions with shortage of highly qualified specialists of the EU Labor market, subject to a fast track work permit issuance:

  • Engineers in industrial production
  • Chemical engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Sales specialist in Information and Communication technologies
  • System Analysts
  • Web content and multimedia developers
  • Applied software developers
  • Developers of software and software applications and analysts
  • Database developers and administrators
  • System Administrators
  • Computer networks specialists
  • Database and networks specialists

General Work Permits:

The grounds for obtaining a work permit are: signing by the Foreigner of an employment contract with a Eu employer, or sending of the Foreigner to a business trip for undertaking of certain activities in Eu.

Work permits required for Foreigners must be requested by the local employer and are issued by the Labor Employment Agency.

Work permits are issued for a maximum duration of 2 year. If a work permit is granted to a Foreigner on the basis of a signed employment contract with a local employer, generally, such a permit can be extended, if the terms and conditions for its issuance are still valid, but the total duration may not exceed 3 (three) years. The term of validity of a work permit issued to a Foreigner, who is sent on a business trip, cannot be extended for further one-year periods, unless by exception.

Documents required when you sign up with us:

1.  CV.

2. Educational Documents. (if Any)

3. Work Experience Certificate. (if Any).

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