The most frequently applied category by skilled individuals is the Federal Skilled Worker application to Canada. This very category is the fastest and most reliable source to move to Canada as long as the requirements are met. To help our clients fulfil their desired immigration goals, our team of experts can help you with all such requirements and criteria. Even in case of a hurdle, we can provide you an on-time solution to avoid any sort of delays or rejections. You can count on Rightstep Migration to have you covered for your immigration services. Skilled worker immigration success is based primarily on applicant’s age, education and work experience. Rightstep Migration can assist you with the whole process that includes:

  • Education Assessment (ECA)
  • Language Test (IELTS/CLPIP/TEF)
  • Launching your Immigration application via express entry
  • Arranging the correct documents
  • Applying to active Provincial nominee programs (PNP)
  • After Invitation to apply
  • Submitting visa application
  • Visa Stamping
  • Post landing Services

Your application score can always be improved with the added benefit of having a relative in Canada and in case of family applications, the points from the spouse can be of great benefit. Your assessment is absolutely free and you won’t be charged anything until you are satisfied to initiate your immigration journey with us. Speak to one of our immigration experts by filling out an inquiry on the homepage and get immediate assistance for your immigration needs.

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