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Migration to European countries has always been of wide interest to many people from all around the world. This comes as a result of various opportunities this region holds for everyone starting from the freedom of movement between the 27 EU countries for all the EU citizens. Living in Europe comes with Social rights, including education, economic, cultural, human and health rights and benefits. In general, most of these countries support migrating along with families/dependents which makes it a lot more easier and beneficial for the ones looking for a better future not just for themselves but for their families too without having to stay away from them.
EU countries have agreed that the EU should have common, or EU-wide, immigration and visa rules that will be valid all across the EU. These are set out in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (2009).

Common measures to date include:

  • EU-wide rules that allow citizens of countries outside the EU to work or study in an EU country. They cover specifically individuals who are:
    • Highly-qualified workers
    • Researchers
    • Students
    • Trainees, school pupils or volunteers
    • Intra-corporate transferees
    • Seasonal workers
      • EU-wide rules that allow citizens of countries outside the EU who are staying legally in an EU country to bring their non-EU family members to live with them and to become long-term residents.

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